6 June 2012

Sarigerme photo diary

(Topshop hat, Miss Selfridge Bikini and Vintage sunglasses)

(Market finds -Beautiful handmade jewellery from the local Sunday market)

(Beachside Gazebo)

(Topshop shoes and dress)

(Beautiful mosaic tiles at the bottom of my favourite icy pool)

(Photos by me)

I’ve just returned from Turkey, where I jetted off for a relaxing week of doing absolutely nothing and getting away from it all (I even went as far as turning my phone off for the whole week) Now I’m back with my feet firmly on London soil, I thought I’d share a few of my holiday photos. I’m already missing the long hot lazy days, beautiful sunsets and taking a dip in the icy cold pool that was right outside my hotel room (literally). It was heaven.


  1. That's cool! love it!

  2. So obsessed with that jewelry! Is that a ring attached to a bracelet?! Omg . I cannot wait until I see you style that. It's so tribal, haha.

    Great photos - especially that pool one! I can't even see the water, that' sso cool. This place really looks like a secluded paradise. Are you living in one of those huts??


  3. loving your blog, keep it up!


  4. Cute bikini!:)

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  5. Looks like you had a great vacation! Love the Topshop shoes and dress :)

    <3 Emi